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All photography copyright 2019 by Alex C. Dembicki and used by permission of the copyright holder."

Choosing A Brand Name Was Easy.


We registered our company as First Edition Acquisition, Ltd.

We found a website that was catchy and fun to say: FirstEditionAcquisition.vision

Nobody could spell it on their first try. Even if they could, they didn't want to. That is a lot of letters to text or type.

We made a simple, yet major mistake.

 Just abbreviate! And with that quick solution,

FEA.Vision became our freshest acquisition!

At this time, we were working hard to establish a Puerto Rican branch. The language used by most Puerto Ricans is Spanish. We probably should have given the decision to be FEA.Vision more thought. 

As people began to recognize our brand, we began to realize that we translated to "ugly vision" to anyone fluent in Spanish.

The process to rename began again, but the more we thought about it, the more we began to embrace it. If beauty is in the eye of the beholder,  so be it.

We refuse to compromise our eyes.

If you don't adore the art in your life, view somthing new. Look no further than FEA.Vision or FirstEditionAcquisition.vision

(We own that still too.)