Look Forward To February

Look Forward To February

     Over the last year, we here at First Edition Acquisition, Ltd have made it clear that you should adhere to a sincere tier of taste regarding art. Smart art is the start to successful selection within your collection. Through our gallery, the ambiguous term: "Smart Art" found traction. With your help,we turned a fancy fundraiser into an official 501 (C) 3 charity recognized by the actual US IRS. We have seen artist Chance Rovski create his career defining "Rejection Reflection". We began the process of opening a branch in Puerto Rico in hopes of stimulating local economy while planting the seeds of solar sustainability. In Puerto Rico, Bill Bourdon brought us to believe in better branches with the production of his marvelous models.

    That was all super and stuff, but I bet next month will be better. New products, new paintings, new Puerto Rican incorporation, and much, much more to move your mind.

    With all of that said, we have reached the conclusion of contract creation, revision, and completion of compromise considering co-founder Andrew Aaron. We would like to officially announce that Andrew Aaron will remain as an artist only, as his resignation becomes reality. Realizing his works that are all currently for sale on FirstEditionAcquisition.vision will remain for sale is a relief to those that enjoy the view through his camera hole.

    Let's end this article on an upbeat idea: Success is useless unless you possess purpose and personal progress.


-Victor Allen

of FirstEditionAcquisition.Vision



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