Our Paint Project Production Progress

Our Paint Project Production Progress

Oil paint as purple as a pleasant paint.

    It may come as no surprise that popularity of the do it yourself (DIY) trend is on the rise in almost every industry today. Being involved in art sales initially, selling paint was the obvious way to create better artwork. 

Paint made with Hibiscus



As a painting ages, it is not an uncommon phenomenon for the first layers of paint to fade. To fight the fade of a hand-made masterpiece, there are several avenues available to aid in your art. 


A dusty white color of oil paint floats because in this advertisement, it is hypothetically haunted. 


You could spray it with a protective coating after the art is dry.



    However, sprays can distort your work by adding an unwanted gloss.  Some sprays cause bleed of your previously applied colors. Worst of all, that might be a temporary defense against yellowing, because given time, many sprays age poorly.

    Another popular way to protect your piece from poor presentation is to have it framed and install a piece of ultraviolet protective glass on the face of the frame. Blue paint with pewter Honestly, this not a bad option for artists looking to leave a lasting legacy behind. Choose your top work wisely though, because even small custom frames with protective glass can cost nearly a hundred dollars or more!

   We don't really like the aforementioned paths of preservation, so we are embarking on a third option. We choose to provide paint proven to produce pre-preserved pieces. 

Provide Paint Proven To Produce Pre-Preserved Pieces.

      Finding the formula for a paint that is both distinct and able to hold color while battling the test of time was not easy. We did so many different things that didn't work. We did a few things right and we made a miracle. With the exception of mineral spirits, all of our ingredients are not toxic. Some noteworthy additions to our paint are pulverized diamond powder, diatomaceous earth, and beeswax.

    A glass jar of saffron sits atop a shiny paint pail.



See our selection on the collection page for Wet Paint! 




 Option for our other original oil paint offerings. Check your cart before checkout to make sure you didn't miss out. Additional Original Artwork Available for Acquisition.
*This paint is made with mineral spirits. Don't eat it, it will taste terrible.

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