"A Mystery Transparent As Obsidian" -The Original
Black and white rectangle with half hand.
Black rectangle with paint texture running vertically.
Black square with nautilus texture originating from center moving counter clockwise.
Vertically elongated square piece containing what appears to be a man's right torso potentially.
Square black piece with texture in upper righthand corner that could be a flower or maybe a mastodon.
Tall rectangular piece coated in black that has an artist intended indentation on upper right.

"Mystery Transparent As Obsidian" -A First Edition Original

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Rarely does a piece so unique cause our attention to pique. The backstory of this sleek American Gothic piece is simple and frustrating, not unlike the piece itself. It was acquired from an estate sale in Denver's historic Capital Hill district and donated to First Edition Acquisition. We have practically no information to go off of as far as tracing the artist or origin. There's a valid chance there might be a piece missing.

What does this work contain? Not sure.  A hand appears to dangle tragically or reach out in desperation from one canvas addition, showing a stark contrast against the only splash of wedding white in the entire work. Aligning the collective remainder of the work according to brush stroke and paint color is problematic considering the intense similarities between shades of black and sporadic smatterings used in design technique. 

Care to give this puzzle of a picture your own order? Feel free to send us your interpretation and explanation.

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