Being Ahead Of Buddha -A First Edition Original
A rectangular painting with an emerald colored head bearing a resembelence to the religous figure, Buddha with a black background and black frame.

"Being Ahead Of Buddha" -A First Edition Original

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    Fast track eternal enlightenment by buying Being Ahead Of Buddha.  Add some zen to your den or hang some karma in your kitchen with this depiction of a spiritual celebrity.

    This First Edition Acquisition original painting was brought to us and was originally assumed to be a print. Our benefactor intended to provide a rather weathered picture frame. We all imagined we would remove the poster inside and replace it with something else. As we prepared for the extraction, we discovered that it was no print, but an expertly executed acrylic masterpiece.

     We are enamored with this piece and predictably, we want more. If you have any additional information regarding the original artist, don't hesitate to reach out and share your expertise!

    Some rights to distribution, recreation, resale, and image usage belong to First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. Original Artist Is Unknown.


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