"Saffron" -An Artisinal And Original Oil Paint
Saffron pigment in front of art supplies and shell
Magnified saffron on paint can lid.
Aerial view of saffron paint pigment.
Ad for original saffron paint debut.
A jar constructed with black glass capable of holding 5 ml of paint.

"Saffron" -An Artisinal And Original Oil Paint

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    Historically, saffron is one of the most costly and exclusive paint pigments in the world. The pigment is a deep red and smells like a field of flowers. Because it is. In order to make saffron pigment, a small thread-like piece of the crocus sativus flower is harvested, dried, then ground into powder.

    At current market value, it has a higher worth than actual gold. This luxury was once available only to aristocracy. 

Our formula provides:

Durability derived from diamond.              Ingredients used in Saffron paint

Insect deterrent and a smooth spread from fossilized plankton particles.

Vibrance and value from superior saffron.

Clean consistency from fresh beeswax.

Time-tested reliability from double filtered linseed oil.


Saffron is typically a luxury pigment, only available to artists with a large budget.

Not any more!

Sealed Pocket Paint Jar from FEA.Vision

Our 5 ml package size reduces cost and waste to you, our consumer. Our pocket-sized paint jars are air tight and tinted black to completely block out all harmful UV rays. Miniture Paint Jar basin with capacity of 5ml In our packaging, your prized paint will store for years without even the slightest bit of fade in color. No matter when your muse may manifest, our paint will be as fresh as the day we made it.