Artichoke Overlook
seen here is "Artichoke Overlook" on top of an oven,  which turns out is technically a stove.
A corner of the oil painting "Artichoke Overlook" is observed here overlooking the evergrowing Denver skyline.
Orchids are observed in proximity of First Edition Acquisition's original oil painting, "Artichoke Overlook".

"Artichoke Overlook" -A First Edition Original Oil Painting

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     This artichoke isn't artificial, it's authentic. With an accompanying oriental teapot, together they overtook the scenic expanse of an otherwise overlooked ocean. This still life look at a long lost lunch of tea and veggie is a very valuable version of this creation. Being the original, and an oil on canvas creation, the completed design is a sought after sight. It sits in a frame of faux brushed metal containing no pane of glass.

    Acquired at auction in Colorado Springs, artist is unknown, however the the art itself will leave the viewer mind blown. Available immediately, this masterpiece will make your mealtime or mail room a momentary marvel.

    It measures to a size of eight inches by ten inches (8"×10"). With frame, ten by twelve inches (10"×12").  


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