Frostbite Is Forever By Chanc Rovski
An autumn amber field of grain gathers around an old wooden barn bridge with a narrow gravel or dirt road leading into the architecture accumulating ice.

"Frostbite Is Forever" -A First Edition Original

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     A few fevered brushstrokes burn a beautiful backdrop within Chance Rovski's "Frostbite Is Forever". Marvel at a majestic mountainous masterpiece initially inspired by Idaho and its upstate landscape. Revel at the rich range of rigid rocks remembered and retraced by Rovski's careful metacarpals. The obvious subject of "Frostbite Is Forever" is found straddling a snowy street over a quiet creek. A bold barn bridge built from brown boards bravely blesses a barren valley with the only building still standing.

This piece is painted with acrylic paints on a cotton canvas.


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