Steeple Of The People -Original Oil Painting
Seen here is a speculated antique painting of a street lined by concrete buildings appearing to be of Spanish influenced architecture. At the end of the yellow street is a large eg shell collared building casting a bell tower or steeple at the blue sky backdrop. It is an original oil painting acquired and owned by FirstEditionAcquisition.Vision
This is the signature seen on the bottom left hand corner of what appears to be an original oil painting now given the name "Steeple O The People" by The letters that for the signature are range in color and might spell Bernard Dapur, but that doesn't feel right to me.
As seen on our aforementioned image alternate text areas, "Steeple Of The People" accents any wall, office, view, or vascular velocity in a corporeal kind of way. Also wants you to be full aware of that beautiful bright blue sky seen here.
Sen hung slightly right and a little lower than "Flowers For The Fire", "Steeple Of The People" is presented proudly as it hangs from a hidden nail that is inserted into the wall incidentally by First Edition Acquisition's own Victor Allen.
The back of the frame from the speculated original antique oil painting "Steeple of the People" owned by First Edition Acquisition contains a creepy imprint of someone's hands that appear to be attempting to claw out of the painting itself and into our reality.
The Anco Bilt art and ease supply company manufactured and sold high end art supplies starting in 1904. This stamp on the rear stretch bar combined with the method of canvas attachment involving nails, places it in an age of being painted between 1904 and 1940.

"Our First Fake" -A First Edition Forgery

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Stare down this street to see a steeple standing straight up, successfully scraping the sky. A population of peace past, perhaps. Some skilled pseudo-still life style oil painting aficionado, passionate about painting places purged of people put preferred paint and persistent practice into this astounding artwork. Although it is autographed by the artist as Bernard Dufour. and it is original in edition, we do not believe that it is the original painted by Bernard Dufour. The wood frame is indded handmade, and the canvas is hand stretched, however, the painting's wooden stretcher bars are marked by a company that no longer produced that logo after the early 40's. The canvas is attached to the stretchers by staples from a staple gun. The likelyhood of somebody restretching his original painting over that type of stretcher with a staple gun, is next to nothing, so this product is now our FRIST OFFICIAL FIRST EDITION FORGERY!


If you have any information regarding the original or any other similar forgeries, please promptly send us an email of give us a call. We are very much intrested to hear what you have to say to us today.


     Original paintings can be obscenely over priced when offered in an old school, ordinary art outlets. Allow us to be the exception to the inflation and casually call for condemnation of cruel cost creation with reduction regarding regular retail value.

     A rather reduced range of reds and blue hues highlight the high contrast with the Spanish style architecture seen within the scene. Across the alley, another artifact appartment appears out of its element in a brown coat of subconscious uncleanliness. The delicate diaspora of diversely dyed drops of paint dramatically increases the depth of this discreet street silent, yet safe, surrounded by claustrophobic concrete. 

     The canvas of this creation has the size specification of standing 18 inches exactly and 14 inches wide. With that being said, the solid frame that features this focal phenomenon is a physical footprint of 19.5 inches in terms of width and 23.5 inches vertically. Solid wood takes up space, so the depth of the section that sticks out the farthest on the frame is 2.5 inches.

     Only the acrylic mimic of a masterpiece in the scene with the serene city scene is for sale on this page. The smoldering sapling seen to the left of "Steeple Of The People" can be sold here.

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