Andrew Aaron

Andrew Aaron

Andrew Aaron equals artistic abilities matched by artisanal capabilities. One of our more involved artists, he has plenty of prospective project prospects in the works. Powering Puerto Rico and pursuing perfect pictures take extraordinary priority. His life, work, tastes, and talents are tactfully tangled into every angle in all artwork added.



In southeast MN, Andrew took to art at a very young age.  Throughout his education, he was driven to pursue his calling at every corner, causing him to eventually attend a college of the arts.  While triumph over his life's distractions began tying up time, he lost sight of his passions for the creative world in lieu of a quiet, blue-collar lifestyle.

     Andrew began flirting with 2D illustration around the age of four, which developed into his primary specialization throughout life thus far. He has become enamored with sketching in recent years.  His incredibly passionate photography and graphic design are genuine like Albert Einstien.

The original logo for First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. Is seen here in the traditional vibrant grays the gallery adores. It is a square with rounded corners and a barcode making an appearance in the center with the letter F E A above the barcode and .vision below the barcode. The beautiful brand is on a backdrop of an unevenly fading shade of gray yet again. The lettering and barcode are in white.

Let the record show, it isn't unusual to find Andrew Aaron in experimentation with paintings and sculptures as well.

A few pictures of straight up devastation left by hurricane season. The flier lists a few facts about the fate of the island of enchantment.

Upon his relocation to Denver in 2016, the beauty of the state and overabundance of culture rekindled his passion for the arts which has become his sole focus, dedicated to producing creative excellence.

As excellence became effortless, he challenged himself to push life to the limits and live in Puerto Rico with his outspoken cat, having fallen in love with its people and culture.  He continues to create on a near daily basis amidst all the crazy adventures thrust upon him, primarily focused on nature and landscape photography as well as graphic design.