Chance Rovski

Chance Rovski

     1991 was a year of monumental births and Chancellor “Chance”  Rovski is no exception. Described as a brush to canvas American craftsman, his specialization in regional style combines a tapestry of techniques spanning from the southwest United States to southwestern Canada with a smattering of unlikely places in between. Integrated with cultures from south to north, Chance collected nuances of each unique destination location. Generally considering himself a realist, his artwork blends characteristics of urban street works and modern abstract designs.

     Emotion influences every aspect of Chance's artisanal ability. Whether to cross the street or not to cross the street, is an emotionally guided endeavor. Chance’s artwork is feeling driven and each one has an intricate history. 

     Propelled by passion, Rovski provided the pilot piece of work for a Puerto Rican charity. Power to Puerto Rico is a celebration of the beauty and power- past, present, and future- of a paradise plagued by problematic legislation and unforgiving acts of nature. Through the pile of potential pessimistic factors, the passion and unrelenting pride of the people at home on the island were the muse behind him and the catalyst within him that sparked "Trabajo en La Isla Del Encanto." Donated in entirety, the work has raised precious capital designated to the acquisition of solar panels and batteries for those at risk of being affected further by blackouts and power shortages. Energy independence on the island inspires an inferno of initiative inside Chance, who will be releasing additional works to the collection as soon as the paint on his canvas is dry.

     For him, artwork is an outlet for the daily doldrums of self sufficiency compounded by the turmoils of a troubled society. Artwork provides a comfort and a sense of closure for an aura plagued in past emotion.

     Even as actions of past fade, forgotten, the essence of his soul will remain in every piece of his work. 

"One's past prediction, dull or vibrant- make for an artistic future forecast." -Chance Rovski