Contract Customization

Contract Customization

We have other avenues available in your quest for quality. If you enjoy the style of one of our original artists, but do not identify directly with any of the pieces we currently have available, let us know.


Contract Customization is available for those with the time and taste for visual stimulation catered to your desires. Due to the nature of art and the flexibility of mediums with which we work, we ask that you compose an email to us informing us of your vision.


A few things we look for could be:

Artist you'd like to contract

Work of art you may want altered

Specific colors you'd like to match

A photograph of the anticipated display locale of the piece

Which media you'd like the art to be crafted from

An event for which it will be unveiled

Any other information you think is pertinent to your perfection


Let us assess your request at this email address: