Victor Allen

Victor Allen

 This picture features an iregular repeating pattern of ovals culminating in a point at both ends scattered across a black background which has been meticulously filled in by a myriad of minute green spots. Borders of gold and sver line assorted ovals and a few reveal blank centers, showcasing the blue satin that was used as a canvas before it was stretched and hung in a bright black frame.

      Originating on the flat lands of eastern Colorado, Victor Allen credits himself with being rooted in both business and technology. He has held many titles in terms of occupation, essentially settling into life as a capitalist, entrepreneur, and life coach. His list of certifications and accomplishments is diversified to say the least. Phlebotomist and open water dive certifications seem commonplace in contrast to his status as an ordained minister- none of which he has practiced simultaneously.


       His major artistic asset in relation to this endeavor is photography. Vic was trained by the absolute best people the industry, and was lucky enough to become proficient in the craft of aerial photography. Much of his work was contracted out and is the property of assorted clients. Therefore, it is probable that a majority of it will never be seen by the general public. His aerial work spans coast to coast and border to border of the continental United States, including some shot from the skies above Puerto Rico.

     At present, he has turned to philanthropy as a way to give back to a world that has shown him so much. His major focus is a solar initiative, Power to Puerto Rico, that aims to establish energy independence for the people that call the United States territory home. He was inspired by displays of resilience and fortitude from survivors of Hurricanes Irma and Maria to implement a clean energy initiative that is accessible at a household level. It took weeks for local governments to restore power to some of the most populated parts of the island. With just a small amount of planning and funding, much of Puerto Rico could be functional in terms of electricity, as soon as the skies clear.

     Feel free to purchase anything from our Power to Puerto Rico collection to benefit the effort. ALL PROFITS from the purchase of ANY PRODUCT listed in the Power to Puerto Rico collection partly pays for purchasing portable, durable solar energy systems. These systems are distributed to citizens in anticipation of any impending natural disasters. Photovoltaic panels providing enough power to charge solar battery storage systems will be used to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and the monthly energy costs of existing citizens.