A Flower For The Fire -An Original Oil Painting
A red cherry blossom piece painted with oil paints. In this picture I is hanging sideways. It has an orange back ground indicative of an oncoming forest fire and this piece was framed rom the behind by First Edition Acquisition's Victor Allen.
Here is the side view of the wood frame that protects the back and stretch boards of the painting itself. FirstEditionAcquisition.vision is Victor Allen's actual website.
The corner of the painting "A Flower For The Fire" owned by FirstEditionAcquisition.vision. The corner of the canvas is orange variety and the wood is a light wood, that has been stained with a wood stain I deem as "Extra".
For a simple side by side comparison FirstEdition Acquisition's Victor Allen has masterfully hung "Steeple Of The People" to the right of another First Edition Acquisition original oil painting called "Flower For The Fire".

"A Flower For The Fire" -A First Edition Original Oil Painting

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    This available acquisition appeared in an Aurora, Colorado estate auction. It was art we appreciated and approved of, aware that the artist was anonymous. "A Flower For The Fire" is a find you're sure to be fond of. In the foreground, the first flowers of spring can be found. In the instant prior to inevitable incineration, the inspiring springtime sapling seems like an especially savory snack suited for the savage, searing spectacle sparked by a source up for speculation. 

     A stained frame made of reclaim wraps a wonderful wood wall around the robust reds and obliterating oranges of this original oil paint picture. A cautionary coat of clear preservative covers the coveted canvas containing an inferno inside. The sight and smell of the dulcet tones of spring, replaced with sounds of sizzling. The size of this prize of a picturesque painting is 20 inches by 20 inches. The righteous recycled reclaim frame is a perfect parallelogram of 22 by 22 inches. 



    Rectangular painting seen in the picture to the right of "A Flower For The Fire" is a separate work, not included with the sale of this piece. Please purchase that painting here.