"A Glint Of Gold" -A First Edition Original
A direct look from a level angle to your eyes causes the majesty of "A Glint Of Gold" to be apparent.
"A Glint Of Gold" looks down upon the world from a wood beam betwen two glass fixtures.
A dissasembled frame reveals 3 additional display boards, included with the piece.
A magnified look at the sandstone of "A Glint of Gold" makes the glint of gold apparent in this art.
Handcrafted nails used in the back of the assembly.
"A Glint of Gold" is seen hanging between a bowl and a bowl on a wall.
A numeric inscription on the back of the display board indicates inclusion in a curated collection.

"A Glint Of Gold" -A First Edition Original

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    "A Glint of Gold" provides layers of visual effect from every angle or distance it is being viewed. A rectangular cut of striated sandstone stands out against a solid black background and is mounted in a wooden frame. The frame has a delicate stain and metallic gold paint irregularly applied on its surface.

    From across the room, this piece is attractive and intriguing due to the apparent simplicity and unusual composition. Upon closer inspection, the intricate lines of sediment are quickly forgotten as small slivers of shiny gold metal refract light from the surface of the cut stone.

    While the artist is unknown, we know that you will love the allure of this expertly assembled artwork when you add it to your collection.

Type: Multimedia

Composition: Sandstone, Display Board, Acrylic Paint, Wood

Artist: Unknown

Size: 9" x 12" x 1"

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