Arctic Airport Anomaly by Victor Allen
The First Edition Original photo of Artic Airport Anomoly hangs in a gold frame on a study wall between a fireplace and bookshelf.
A beautiful blue background glows behind a palm tree and an oddly placed chain that has been coated with ice during a recent winter storm.

"Arctic Airport Anomaly" -A First Edition Original

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     A short distance from Myrtle Beach, a palm tree stands against a misleading backdrop of clear azure sky. An unusual storm leaves ice formations uncommon and unheard of over the vast majority of the rest of the planet. A chain coated in the remnants of atmospheric excretion hangs rigid, in the same region in which alligators lie sluggish in a frozen confusion at that very moment. 


Details Describing This Product:

      Photo taken January 2018.

      11 by 14 inches



      Inquire regarding framing options.

   Printed on textured watercolor paper, this media ads a dampened effect on exquisite digital excellence. 


 All rights to distribution, recreation, resale, and image usage belong to First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. Original Photograph by Artist Victor Allen.

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