"Automobile Anatomy" -A First Edition Original
An antique automobile is portrayed in this painting from both a head on view and a side view appearing to almost be two fifferent cars.
A picture of a vintage automobile hangs in front of trendy shutters along side glass ornaments.
A signiture written in cursive by a pencil reads "Gerda Spears" at the corner of a piece of artwork.

"Automobile Anatomy" -A First Edition Original

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    "Automobile Anatomy" was coined as a placeholder of sorts until we can discover the actual name of this piece. While it is signed, we are unsuccessful in locating "Gerda Spears", which appears on the bottom right corner of the piece. It is worth noting that it is signed in pencil, and not ink.

Details Describing Product:

What we do know about this specific piece is that it has a multimedia composition.

It is framed in stainless steel and includes a cardboard face protector and a pane of glass.

Composition: Graphite, Charcoal, Watercolor, and Colored Pencil on Paper

Measurements: 24" x 16" x 1"

Artist: Gerda Spears

Completed in 1980.

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*** Update From May 25th, 2019 ***

     Gerda Spears contacted us after an internet search provided her with a picture of her own art. "Automobile Anatomy" was produced in 1979-1980 as a gift to her father. With pride, the piece was displayed in his office for thirty years. After his passing, the piece gained new ownership at an estate sale in 2013. For roughly the next six years, the chain of ownership is unclear until our acquisition of the piece in January 2019. 

     Gerda continues to be a patron of the arts and has collected and created many more paintings after completing "Automobile Anatomy". We hope to one day feature even more of her remarkable renderings. Thank you, Gerda.