Hangman Can't Contain Every Man -A Chance Rovski Original
Alluring apiritions allude to a rude assasination as this acrylic pinting in a gorgeous gold hand painted frame hangs freely from an unseen nail. The painting was done by First Edition Acquisition's Chance Rovski.

"A Hangman In Every Man" -A First Edition Original

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     Painted by artisan Chance Rovski, this First Edition original painting puts practice and patience into perfecting a planned piece that possesses the potential to perplex even the most passionate painting professionals. Painting with his preferred palette of acrylic, Chance is able to adhere fear and tear in a scene capturing a mean and murderous man that gestures to gallows and ghouls. The voices of both the victims and the accusing are vanquished as souls are snuffed into silence.

 This piece has dimensions of sixteen by twenty inches and an inch deep.



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