Luxurious Liquid Lunch -A First Edition Original Oil Painting
A classically styled oil painting portrays a perfect pile of a basket, apples, a mug, and a bottle of wine. This First Edition Original Painting is called "Luxurious Liquid Lunch" and it is leaning against some obsidian wall tile.
The corners of "Luxurious Liquid Lunch" are lightly imprefect from a slight slip or fall from somewhere in the oil painting's past. This causes cost to diminish slightly and value to be vexed by most evaluations.

"Luxurious Liquid Lunch" -An Original Oil Painting

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    A bowl is a vessel to casually contain precarious consumables. A basket does the same thing, specializing in objects a little less viscous. The bottle pictured is the perfect place to put away premature portions of a  Beaujolais! Today, that atypical triad comes together with a mug to materialize a masterpiece of meaning. Stop the surreal appeal around you and focus on the earthy tones expressed in every swath of the artist's brush.


     Perfect time to transition towards the transcription of the artist's information. The signature of the assumed artist reads: E. SUPIK and can be found in the bottom right corner of the carefully crafted painter's board that gives this piece rigidity. Literally, little is learned from looking at the boring back that we have not gathered from gazing into the face of this fine art. Except for the exact month this memoir of a meal was made. It was finished in November of 1974. Nearly viewed as vintage in value, this very flat featured facade of macabre  The piece is unfortunately free of frame. We are always happy to recommend a framer for your featured pieces.

     An original oil painting is a perfect object to purchase and place in a parlor or in a picture frame in proximity to a potted plant. This still life look is like a gluten free minimalist lunch for a lush. We lovingly refer to it as "Luxurious Liquid Lunch."

"Luxurious Liquid Lunch" is a standard size of 12 inches by 16 inches. Exactly.

Composed of: oil paint on painters board.

Completed in: 1974

Created by: Artist E. Supik

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