Modern, Miraculous Mangrove
A tall square photo of a copper emerald tree with a blue backdrop and white clouds.

"Modern, Miraculous Mangrove" -A First Edition Original

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   Similar to the flowering flamboyan tree,  magnificent mangroves are a symbol of the symphonic symbiosis seen scattered throughout the serene ravines of Puerto Rico.

    This plant is so powerful, it can alter the composition of standard seas and create lagoons capable of supporting some of the most astounding bio-luminescent organisms known to mankind. Without the filtration provided by mangrove trees, the dinoflagelets that display the dazzling shimmers and sparkles seen in Bio Bay would promptly perish. This guardian of glowing water is a great gift for any guy, girl, grandparent, or good friend. 

    Weighing in at just under four pounds, this addition to Bill Bourdon's Caribbean Collection manages to make mangroves even more magical in miniature size. Carefully crafted with 22 gauge, 24 gauge, and 28 gauge wire composed of copper, each branch is hand-beaded with fine fragments of green peridot.

    The base is of a glass construct containing a tinted acrylic giving it an azul aura akin to the ocean in the Caribbean. This original masterpiece is the first mangrove Bill Bourdon has made in studio.


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