"Neo Noir" -An Artisanal, Original Oil Paint
Neo Noir Black
Drips of Neo Noir
Neo Noir by green illumination

"Neo Noir" -An Artisanal, Original Oil Paint

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Neo Noir is our most powerful paint so far.

While maintaining a simple, non-toxic formula, we created an oil based paint that is very heavy in pigment.

New Nior Paint


 Available in three sizes:

Small = 1 fl Oz

Medium = 2 fl Oz

Large = 4 fl Oz

Our paint is designed to meet the standards of today's best painters. 

Here is what you will find in our paint:

Durability derived from diamond.              

Insect deterrent and smooth spread from fossilized plankton particles.

Natural preservation of pigment from fresh beeswax.

Time-tested reliability from double filtered linseed oil.

Our own blend of charcoal, creating powerful all natural color.

A remarkably quick dry time for an oil paint from mineral spirits.

Glowing Neo Noir

This rich formula is excellent for mixing with other colors to darken them, or for use as boundary lines.

 Option for our other original oil paint offerings. Check your cart before checkout to make sure you didn't miss out. Additional Original Artwork Available for Acquisition.
*This paint is made with mineral spirits. Don't eat it, it will taste terrible.