Emerald Energy Eliminating Archaic Electricity
Somebody spilt some odd green paint or dye on the vertical edges of a rectangular canvas. The green coloring runs horizontally across a center image of the most breathtaking and emotionally moving electrical outlet ever drawn in the history of mankind.

PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Emerald Energy Eliminating Archaic Electricity -A First Edition Original

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    It appears to me that the entirety of this originality is inspiration from electricity. An artist's outlet for creative energy equates to this depiction of a standard American electrical outlet. Observe the emerald energy obscuring the obsolete object behind it, presumably provided power from fossil fuels forming fumes by the plumes. Plug this pretty picture into your powerful painting posse with pride.

    "Emerald Energy Eliminating Archaic Electricity" was donated proudly to Power To Puerto by First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. Since it was acquired from a street side vendor in Denver, Colorado the actual artist may remain unknown forever. However,  this precious piece will help an exhausted island implement energy to power them to prosperity.

    This piece is composed of acrylic paints and graphite on a canvas covered by a coating of clear preservative to protect the pigments in the paint and the piece itself from possible sun damage, minor moisture exposure, and small scratches.



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