PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Gilded Geisha -The Original
A vertically rectangular wooden plank with a rounded top has a gorgeous geisha glancing over her shoulder to the right. Her head is surrounded by a background of gold while the majority of the background is a warm orange tone.

PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Gilded Geisha -The Original

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    Artist Juanito Jimenez of Santa Fe, New Mexico painted this piece benining in 2008. In style, it tends to be viewed more as a contemporary work and less of a traditional piece. It comes with a small bracket already attached to the back for ease of instalation. All you need to have her hanging in your hall is a nail and a wall. Juanito is based out of New Mexico and we are glad this golden girl got the shot to do some good.


    While on the topic of doing good, check out JuanitoJimenez.com for even greater works of art and inspired pieces.

Remember, all "Power To Puerto Rico Presents" pieces donate 100% of profit generated at the time of sale are donated to non-profit Power To Puerto Rico.


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