PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Sleeping Solar Sunless Power -The Orig
An acrylic painting with a night sky background is illuminated by the moon, which reflects light to a blue solar panel in the middle and silhouetted palm trees in the foreground. Upper right corner reads "Puertorequenos, Solar is Power". Painted by artist Chance Rovski

PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Sleeping Solar Sunless Power -The Original

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     Sometimes the solution is simple. Sometimes the solution is solar.

     "Sleeping Solar Sunless Power" is the second piece donated to Power to Puerto Rico by painter Chance Rovski. It features a palm tree silhouette against a solar cell. Combining different acrylic paint with assorted areas across the art plays on depth perception.The solar cell is cast beneath stars in the night sky and theoretically operational. Most of today's solar cells still charge batteries and collect energy at night, as long as the moon is beaming and brilliant. Moon light is merely a reflection of sunlight.

      A source of solar power accessible to each person in Puerto Rico, could end energy dependency while they sleep. With the purchase of this First Edition Original, you will be helping that dream happen. Envision empowering islanders to end energy dependency while you invest in this profound piece. Saving the world just got even more simple. 


Treated with an acrylic-safe sealer to keep it in exquisite condition.

Certificate of Authenticity from First Edition Acquisition.