PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Trabajo En La Isla Del Encanto -The Original
The Puerto Rican flag blows above wreckage left of a village in Puerto Rico. An electric power line still stands with it's wires broken and dangling. Two palm trees and two pink flowers bloom next to script reading "La Isla Del Encanto".
Seen here is the ventral side of the official certificate of authenticity for Trabajo En La Isla De Encanto by Chance Rovski. Issued by curator Victor Allen and notarized by attorney Frank Rosa. The paper sits on a dapper piece of the finest foam.
Rest your eyes on the dorsal side of this certificate authenticity as it rests itself a dapper selection of the finest foam. There's an outstanding sticker here issued by the government of Puerto Rico and a seal of a notary on top of it. Officially, it's issued by curator Victor Allen and notarized by attorney Frank Rosa to validate Trabajo En La Isla De Encanto. The piece is painted by Chance Rovski.
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PowerToPuertoRico.org Presents: Trabajo En La Isla Del Encanto -The Original

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    100% of the profit gained from your purchase will be donated to Power To Puerto Rico. Power to Puerto Rico dreams of a self sufficient and energy independent future through the implementation of clean energy sources accessible to the people.  

     Our first edition addition to a collection aimed at the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. It is titled "Trabajo En La Isla Del Encanto", meaning "work in the Island of Enchantment" was donated by artist and philanthropist, Chance Rovski. Following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, efforts to restore quality of life have been painfully slow. More than half of a year has gone by and there are still many parts of the island that do not have consistent access to electric power. What they do have is the power of the resilient residents represented by the deteriorating power-pole in the left mid-ground of the work, as if it were a mere memory to the worker with his back turned to the past.

     The damaged electrical system is surrounded by the rubble of architecture that was once a monument of a vibrant culture and history. For now, a tranquil sky blankets a placid oceanic horizon. This facade of meteorological peace is fleeting, as hurricane season will soon be upon the island once again.

   This particular piece of artwork has a certificate of authenticity that will be provided after payment has processed. This certificate is signed and certified by the director of PowerToPuertoRico.org in addition to being notarized in Puerto Rico.

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