Power To Puerto Rico Presets: "Find Fame For The Fine Flamboyan"
A fiery red flambouyan flowers friviously near a neat body of water at the feet of a grassy knoll. Chance Rovski's brush skills come to life as this donated artwork fuels a charity elimunating fossil fuels.

PowerToPuertoRico.org Presets: Fame For A Fine Flamboyan -A First Edition Original

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Finding fresh form in a fine flambouyan, philanthropist Chance Rovski found a moment before the island met Maria. Inside this instant, a flowering fascination of fiery pigmentation peers from a pedestal of protected plants. Populations of Puerto Rico's prominent tree are proving predictions of pessimism to be precise. Originating on an island of only 100 miles in length largely limits the area available to the leaves and the limbs of  flamboyan forests.

The fabulous foliage that frequently fascinated our forefathers will fade in frequency forever if we can't figure out feasible fix. For now, simply relax and revel in the real acrylic art that Rovski released as a donation to Power To Puerto Rico

Energy independence and sustainable power sources are within reach for Puerto Rico, and all we need is logic, love, and lots of solar panels.

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