"Rejection Reflection" -A First Edition Original by Chance Rovski
A black and white original masterpiece of a sullen smoker on the right side of the painting. He stands in a barren room and is stylized like a 1940 beatnick homage.
This certificate of authenticity issued by curator Victor Allen in notarized by Puerto Rican attourney Frank Rosa accompanies the original artwork Rejection Reflection by artisan Chance Rovski. This image depicts the front face of the certificate, which is stamped by Mr. Rosa and signed by both Rosa and Victor Allen.
Shown in this image is the rear side of the certificate of authenticity that accompanies the first edition original: Rejection Reflection by Chance Rovski. Clearly shown are both the stamp of Puerto Rican attorney Frank Rosa and physical stamp that are issued by the government of Puerto Rico as a physical proof of notoriety.
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"Rejection Reflection" -A First Edition Original by Chance Rovski

"Rejection Reflection" -A First Edition Original by Chance Rovski

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     One of our most acclaimed pieces, "Rejection Reflection" is composed from acrylic paint and canvas board. While its color scheme and style might suggest charcoal, the subtly in brush stroke and attention to detail make it's depth undeniable. A room that has a style leaning towards pensive and reminiscent, such as the billiard room or a study, would be a suitable suggestion for display.

    This original artwork comes with a legal certificate of authenticity. The official document is signed by curator Victor Allen and notarized by Puerto Rican attorney Frank Rosa.

  • 14 inches long by 11 inches vertically
  • Accompanied by a Notarized Certificate of Authenticity
  • Painted on Painter board
  • Preserved with Protective Sealant

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