"Retraction Reaction" -A First Edition Original
This Chance Rovski original portrays a man on a bed, presumably nude with his back towards you while on the right side,  an anime character get ready to go to work in the rain.

"Retraction Reaction" -A First Edition Original

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     Attraction for dissatisfaction is caught in action by a scene depicting a fraction of interaction. Chance Rovski depicts addicts to each other in a moment of torment- and you can own it! Within this masterpiece of masochistic males, mood is made monumental by morose machismo masquerading behind monochromatic blue blankets. But the blue boasts beauty behind the buns of both battered believers, their backs turned blatantly to the being that before brought them beloved belonging.

     As per his personal paint preference, this picture was produced with acrylic paint on canvas and sprayed with a protective preservative, prolonging its potential price point.

    This piece of art has the dimensions of twelve inches vertical by 16 inches when measured horizontally.

  • 12 Inches Tall
  • 16 Inches Wide
  • Painted On Canvas Stretched Over A Wood Frame
  • Coated With A Clear Protective Sealant 

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