For Your Suplies, Dyes, And Art Buys
Seen here is a string strapped backpack bag similar to the cleanest bright white egg ever dipped in skim milk as far as color is concerned. In a royal blue font, expertly arranged in the center of the back reads the following universal truth: "Powerful Paintings Affluent Art" Arranged with a legendary logo for the divine dealer of art, FEA.Vision on a petite gold background.

Sack For Your Suplies, Dyes, And Art Buys

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The need to transport your favorite supplies location wise, poses probably the most potential problems with prolonged projects.
The possibility of misplacing paints and palettes if you prepare your personal position transitions poorly is practically a promise.
Fear not fellow pigment perfectionists! FEA.Vision solved the chaos of your crayons! Pile your precious parts of arts into our prized pouch that pulls together anyone's mess of possessions and protects them in between bursts of inspiration and creation.
This product can be worn as a backpack, but we recommend putting it on display in a museum.

• Bag size 15”x17”
• Twin cotton handles
• Drawstring closure
• 100% spun polyester fabric