"Sydney Splattered" -A First Edition Original
This photo of a picture is presented with the filter found on the photographer's phone. A gray tile backdrop breaks the monotony of previous product pictures. The Sydney Opera House is the subject of this shot and it is shon sitting next to a shimmering bay and colored a startling red and green is stark contrast to the usual eggshell white.
A perfect picture of Austrailia's Sydney Opera House with a green and red projected pigment on the familiar face of the fans famous amungst frequent fliers and opera enthusiasts alike. It is encompased within a finished wood frame and protected by a pane of gorgeous glass.

"Sydney Splattered" -A First Edition Original

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     This First Edition Acquisition Original artwork is an architectural oddity with added originality. By blasting bold blots and lots of luxurious lumens on Sydney's sleek, singing, siding, the looming landmark takes on a painted persona. The projected pigment is perfectly photographed from a sweet seat across the bay. The scene is forever frozen for future viewers. This vibrant visual of Australia's aesthetic Opera House is available to you as an original only. 

     The famed feature, is framed for free! The protected photograph fortified behind a fresh pane of pristine glass, making it perfect for placement practically any place you please!

      Measuring in at a foot tall and a foot and a half long (12 inches tall and 18 inches in length), it is likely to fit favorably in even the finest foyer.

    Alike a lot of our lavish acquisitions, the artist that captured this pigmented projection, is unknown

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