Chronology Of Fort Halleck 1862-1971
A photo of the entire piece, which is encased in an acrylic case. It features a first edition original aviation assisted photo, a print of a hand drawn map from October 4th, 1971, and two smaller prints depicting the area throughout development.
This is a close up image of the front of the photograph taken from an airplane and clearly visible is a date reading: "Oct 4, 1971"
This picture features a close up of a copy of a hand drawn map labeled: "Fort Halleck Wyo. Terr., 1862-1866"
This image features the back of the aerial photograph of Fort Halleck and bears a stamp that says: "Color Photography By Knox-Bergman Shearer Corp Denver Colorado"

"Chronology Of Fort Halleck 1862-1971" -A First Edition Original

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    Encountering military art work is less common than not at most art auctions and galleries. To encounter this gem of a piece was a surprise to us here at First Edition Acquisition. Authentic aerial photography can be extraordinarily expensive to acquire, especially without the use of a modern day drone or digital camera. That's precisely what makes this piece so unusual. Not only is this a bird's eye view of a United States military base, but it was developed on actual film, and not simply printed onto photo paper. That means that a camera large enough to house film of that size was attached to the bottom of an airplane in 1971 and utilized the experience of a well trained pilot and photographer working in unison, without GPS, to find and photograph a very specific set of buildings in the wasteland of Wyoming. The amount of resource that was required to take this single photograph borders on frivolity.

     As if this one of a kind original photo is not enough to dazzle most historians, it is accompanied by three different depictions of the area dating as far back as 1862. Although these aren't hand drawn original maps, finding maps of a fort from nearly 200 years ago at all is a task that cannot be easy. Aging typically destroys most art, especially photography, if not taken care of properly. The contents of this collection are contained within an acrylic display case that has kept the pieces in commendable condition.

     Unfortunately the artists of this piece, the photographer responsible for taking this picture and the pilot that made it possible, are unknown. It appears that the aerial photography company stamped on the back of the photo itself is no longer operational. If anyone in the world of aviation has any information or can assist in the acquisition of this artist, please reach out and help give credit where credit is due.

Some rights to distribution, recreation, resale, and image usage belong to First Edition Acquisition, LLC. Original Artist Is Unknown.


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