"Triumphent Tabebuia Tree" -A First Edition Acquisition
A tababuie tree miniture model is mounted atop a coral chunk. In the background, we see a sunset and rocks. In the midground, the tababuie tree stands with yellow leaves. Bill Bourdon crafted this piece and is selling it through First Edition Acquisition, Ltd.
A close up of Bill Bourdon's tababuie treeminiture model is seen here with leaves of yeallow and a close up on its canopy. It is being sold through First Edition Acquisition, Ltd, and the branches that it has are made from wire.
A Tababuie tree model from Bill Bourdon is seen ontop of a brain coral skeleton. First Edition Acquisition, Ltd., sells this piece that has yellow foliage and a beautiful blue sky in the background.
The root structure of Bill Bourdon's tababuie tree is seen here adhered to the top of brain coral. This piece is sold with agreement from artist by First Edition Acquisition, Ltd, and as you can see, the folliage on the branches is yellow.

"Triumphent Tabebuia Tree" -A First Edition Acquisition

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      The perfect word to speed along a spelling bee, the tabebuia tree is a treat to see- believe me. Tired of the transit to see your local trabaebuia tree? Triumph over your transit to see a trabebuia tree and make this minuture model a desk decoration.

This tree of tabebuia is handmade by artisan sculptor Bill Bourdon. A "once-in-a-lifetime" item is signed beneath the sculpture by the artist. Made of multiple gauges, the colors of the wire changes throughout the piece. Brown, black and copper wire are beaded with yellow and green glass seed beads and it is mounted on white brain coral.

  • Handmade
  • Height: 5 Inches
  • Width: 5 Inches
  • Depth: 7 Inches
  • Materials: coral, copper, glass

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