"WE ARE NOT SNOWFLAKES" -The First Original Art
A ravishing bombardment of the most brilliant and bright splashes and slaps of paint the world has ever laid its eyes on. Boldly proclaimed amongst a litter of letters, a message is scrawled: "WE ARE NOT SNOWFLAKES". Merely describing it has brought me to tears knowing that nothing more perfect will ever be made again.

"WE ARE NOT SNOWFLAKES" ¬The Original First Edition Acquisition

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    The founding of First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. and subsequent nonprofit, Power to PR Corp., all owe their existence to this single piece. This work of art is the catalyst that created our company. The spark that ignited our inspiration for incorporation. It is the bizarre binding that holds this business together. 

     We have no idea who the artist is. We don't know for sure what its intended meaning is. We will probably never know when it was painted. There's no information to indicate where it was painted.

     Regardless of all the uncertainty, it is undoubtedly a masterpiece to us. You see, that is what's so important about this piece. It brought two apathetic assholes with art degrees back to the spirit of creation and drove us to discover why art was so important to us as adolescents. 

     Art isn't about who held the brush that applied paint to canvas. It isn't about which gallery it was unveiled in. Art isn't about acquiring a status symbol for colleagues to admire in your office. Acquire art you actually adore. Allow us to assist.

     If the junk jammed on your themed kitchen wall isn't encouraging emotion, but merely matching a color scheme, throw it out.

     If you are surrounded by paintings you find putrid, in a petty attempt to please the people pretending to be your friends, grab a wooden spoon and stab a hole right in the middle of each one and leave those pieces hanging right there on the wall. I bet you like them a lot more now. You want to know why? 

Art is expression.

Art is emotion.

Art is inspiration.

     Want to know why this piece is so expensive? Simple. We hope you don't buy it. 

     One day, this was waiting to become waste, abandoned in a dumpster. The next, It was the cornerstone of a company hell bent on spreading solar energy to those in need, providing income to unemployed artists, and ending the cycle of atrocious art being auctioned off for the sole purpose of acquiring status. So I urge you to ask yourself, are you being honest with the art in your life?

 Some rights to distribution, recreation, resale, and image usage belong to First Edition Acquisition, Ltd. Original Artist Is Unknown.